Slew of new products coming your way

Crochet newborn Halloween costume

(day 25 abc)

I’m taking a break from my normal advice/suggestions/tips/how-to’s to post something that I’m particularly exited about.  I’ve been contacted by several photographers over the past month on putting together some props for them.  I’ve also had several requests for a few specific props that I am in the works of designing.  BUT, I’m so exited about these oppurtunities that I really wanted to share them.

  1. Minnie/Micky newborn props.  I’m sure that you’ve seen these floating around.  They are awfully adorable.  I had someone asking about them, and it really wouldn’t be difficult at all to work them up.  So, those are on my to-do list.
  2. The Avengers, specifically Thor.  This one is going to take a bit more time and consideration on my part.  I’m really wracking the designer portion of my brain to figure out how to crochet all of them.  I think that I’ve got Thor figured out, I can crochet a black vest, and do the circular designs with grey felt.  His hat shouldn’t be too hard, and then his hammer shouldn’t be too hard.  Captain America, also, should be pretty simple, he just requires his shield (crocheted in the round with a star appliquéd to the middle) and hat/mask, I might include a crocheted blue diaper cover and optional red and white striped crochet vest.  I’m not so sure about the hulk.  I’m pretty sure that I can manage the purple shorts…although I might just crochet a purple diaper cover that has some “torn” hems.  Yeah, I think that might look cuter than some actual shorts.  I’m not too sure about the green “hulky” part that is the hulk, that’s going to take some ingenuity.  Black Widow is just a black crocheted onesie or swimsuit type thing and maybe a crocheted gun or two.  Iron man seems pretty simple to me too: some crochet gloves with the circular lights, a crocheted vest (or onesie, haven’t decided yet) that includes the triangular power source, and a crochet mask or hat of sorts.  It might be fun to include Nick Fury or Agent Coulson, but those would be after-thoughts, and not something that I’m going to be focusing on right now.
  3. I’ve also got a photographer who is getting together six infants and toddlers for a photo shoot just for me!  I am super duper exited about this one.  Three boys and three girls.  DC comic book heros for this one: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cat Woman, Aqua Man, Bat Girl, and Super Man.  I’m not going to go into details about how I am making these, hopefully I’ll have the pictures from this one by the end of July.

Putting together new products can always be really exiting, and having other people also getting exited about them makes everything so much more fun!  I’m going to really enjoy designing these props/costumes, I just really hope that I get the sizing right…that’s the tricksy part of this particular business.  Anyways, I would sure love to hear some input from all of my readers out there.  How would you suggest that I go about putting some of these crochet products together?

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