Marketing Methods

(day 18 abc)

As crafters or authors or, in this case photographer’s, any and all businesses are looking for ways to market what they do.  I was out running errands with my Mother this morning and we pulled up behind this one car in particular that really caught my attention.  I only managed to get a picture of the back of the vehicle, but there were also pictures on the side that marketed the business.


Seriously?!  Go back and look at that picture.  Is that not just an amazing method for marketing?  Your vehicle is going all over the place, around town, across the state, the other side of the country.  And if you use something so bold as this, you are sure to get noticed.  Especially around town, people might even start *looking* for your car.

Unfortunately, I was unable to remember the website, and I’m having trouble reading it from this picture.  If you can tell what the website is, PLEASE let me know.  I’d really like to commend the driver of this vehicle.

UPDATE: I did manage to discover who drives this vehicle.  Brandy Kemp Photography!  Kudos to her all around!!!

Shout out to my Lil Bro.  “Holla!!”

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