Who is this Blog Intended for?

Urban Craft Uprising
Urban Craft Uprising (Photo credit: bre pettis)

(day 17 abc)

As you might or might not know I have been participating in a blog challenge.  The author blog challenge to be precise.  I’m not going to reveal if I have any plans to write and publish a How-To crafting book just yet (that question will be answered in a future video blog, if I ever find the time to do it).

First of all, I want to thank all of my recent followers who might’ve found me through THAT blog challenge.  I really do appreciate the love.  Secondly, I am actually going to following the prompt this time.  This will actually be the first time that I am following the prompt.  I have been writing my own thing, trying to relate to the crafty seller AND authors.  I dunno how successful I have been at that, but there are some aspects of each that sort of overlap.  Anyways, I think that today’s prompt is perfect, and I hope that you enjoy what I have to say based on it.

Urban Craft Uprising
Urban Craft Uprising (Photo credit: bre pettis)

Describe the market for your book – to the tiniest detail (e.g., childless divorced women past age 50 who want to remarry). Why that demographic? How do you connect with them to market to them?

Well, instead of describing the market for my book, I’m going to describe the market for this blog.  My aim is to reach women, aged 25-40 who still have children living at home and are beginning their own journey to selling their crafts online as a means to supplement their income.  Why?  Because that is where I am at (although I’m younger than 25, I truly doubt that there are any other women, younger than 25 who already have three children, if any).  Mostly I am sharing my own experiences and what I have learned through that, and those that have gone (or are currently going) through similar experiences are going to be able to relate the most.

I have tried to touch on some topics that would be of interest to people selling crafts full-time or at physical stores, and all of my posts can be read and adopted by men or older childless women.  But my aim is that 25-40 age group of amateurs with children still living at home.  If you aren’t in that precise demographic and are still following my blog, I’d love to know why?  What intrigued you to follow and read each post that I publish?

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5 thoughts on “Who is this Blog Intended for?

    1. Jo, when I got pregnant with my third I had a really hard time finding others who had so many children so close together, and I was actively looking. I will have to keep that in mind, though. Thanks for your comment.

  1. I had my frist three children by the age of 21. 🙂 I then had a bit of a gap (8 years) before having the rest of my children, so I have experienced life as a young mom of more than one and also as a slightly older mom of many. My 7th and last child was born when I was 36.

    1. WOW, you totally beat me then…I’ll be 24 this year with my three little ones. I love having children, but I’m looking forward to when the littlest leaves the house (and my husband and I will still be young enough to enjoy JUST each other again).

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