People Run a Business

(day 16 abc)

Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” – Mary Kay Ash

Customer Appreciation.  It’s a pretty important thing.  Without paying attention to your customers…well…you wouldn’t have any.  If you have terrible relations with your customers then you might lose the sale.  If you have exellent relations with your customers, not only could they be repeat customers, but they can bring other customers with them:  BONUS!!

The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place. – Orison Swett Marden

I’m sure that there are proven methods for increasing the satisfaction of your customers, but here are just a few that you can implement that may help.

  • Offer free *surprises* with each purchase.  Include a hair bow to match that sewn dress, or a pair of earrings that go with that necklace.  Don’t tell the customer that it’s going in with the order, let them be surprised!
  • Don’t charge extra for extraneous circumstances.  Like rush orders or overnight shipping.  If you get a lot of these, then maybe having a policy would be nice, but most of the time, people plan ahead and don’t need these options.
  • Just be nice, polite, courteous, and complimenting.  Politeness alone can take you places.
  • Speed.  Think about when you order something.  Don’t you like to get it as soon as possible?  I know that I sure do.  Keep this in mind when doing custom orders or made-to-order products.

I have known not a few men who, after reaching the summits of business success, found themselves miserable on attaining retirement age. They were so exclusively engrossed in their day to day affairs that they had no time for friend making. – B.C. Forbes

A man should never neglect his family for business. – Walt Disney

I will be the first to agree that this is a money-driven world.  Our entire existence oftentimes seems to be centered on making and spending money.  You need some money in order to just survive!  At least in this universe of The United States of America.  However, you also have to keep in mind that money does not make a difference.  It isn’t the driving factor that keeps the world rotating.  God keeps the world rotating, but His people are what makes a difference.

How about if we looked at a little child for example.  If you ignore that child, he will act up, misbehave, get bored, starve, probably fail to sleep when needed.  In other words, he will fail to thrive and might even die from neglect.  If you are the one neglecting everyone else, then you are the one that is being neglected.  It just doesn’t work that way.  People exist to help, nurture, (opposite of neglect) you.

Your co-workers create a team to benefit each other.  Anyone that you come in contact with through the work day is a person that can make all the difference to your business.  The mail-man, your editor/designer, the person that you buy your supplies from, your spouse.

I’m sure that there are a multitude of other ways that the people you come in contact with throughout a day can help you out.  Not to mention the possibility that you could become VERY good friends.  Don’t we all need more friends? 😀

Without people, you’d be…well…you wouldn’t exist either.  Take the time to appreciate, notice, value, and otherwise *BE* with the people around you.

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