How to Sell Products Online – 15 steps

(day 14 abc)

With the internet age coming to its peak, everyone and their grandmother learning how to use said internet, and the convenience of online shopping, it’s a pretty good idea to try to sell *something* online.  Of course there is ebay, where you can auction off almost anything.  There are craft selling sites, like Etsy or Artfire.  And Amazon is another place where you can sell already manufactured goods.  With everyone and their grandmother doing this, how can you successfully sell your own products online?  Whether it’s a hand-made craft, or a book, here are a few steps.

  1. Have your product in hand.  You need to have a starting point.  Just telling people that you can make a product isn’t good enough.  People aren’t going to buy a promise, they want to buy a product.  You have to have that product in your hand and ready to go.
  2. Photograph that product.  Especially because online viewers aren’t able to touch, feel, smell, taste, or otherwise perceive the product beyond what you show them.  For crafters, there are three photographs to consider: The product in use, the product by itself, and the product with some sort of size reference props (i.e. a hair clip can be photographed with a hair brush and comb, maybe a mirror, something that you know the viewer will know the size of).
  3. List that product somewhere.  There are a TON of online resources to list your product.  Some are free, some cost money, some are simple, and some are über complicated.  Some are geared towards jewelry, some towards crochet, others to wood work.  Do some research, find the one that will work best for you and your product, and make your listing.
  4. Advertise that your product exists.  Yes, it is a super competitive world – the online community.  You are going to have to let people know that you product is not only there, but that it is superior to the competition.  You can pay for advertisement, or use a free method.  Find what is going to work best for you and your product.
  5. Sell the product.  Someone out there is interested, and they found it, and then they buy it.
  6. Keep working at it.  If that product isn’t selling, try another product.  Try a different online venue.  Try another method of advertisement.  Again, find what works for you and your product.
  7. Repeat.  Does this point even need to be explained?
  8. Add in new products.  Create a loyal clientele basis.  Have return customers.  Create more products that can enhance or compliment your existing ones.
  9. Increase your work ethic.  Manage your time.  Figure out how much you can spend on marketing versus how much you can spend on creating and selling.
  10. Change things up to improve efficiency.  Save on costs, save on time, save on materials, just SAVE!
  11. Always move forward.  If something isn’t working, don’t stress about it.  Simply keep changing it up until you find something that DOES work.  And even after you do find that something, keep going to peak your efficiency.
  12. Sell some more products.
  13. Repeat.  Again, does this point even need to be explained?
  14. Become the best there is.  Be the expert, be the name brand, be the top seller.
  15. Retire happy and rich 😀

And there you have it.  15 simple steps (that aren’t so simple once you start looking into them) on how to sell your product online.  ANY product that you want to sell, whether it be a book or a craft goes through these steps in order to sell online.  It actually takes quite a bit of work, research, time, energy, resources, in order to achieve all these steps, but it is totally do-able for you!!

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7 thoughts on “How to Sell Products Online – 15 steps

  1. It is almost impossible to log the number of hours spent networking and marketing, isn’t it? Some days, I want to give up. But there’s always that nagging little voice in my head, urging me to “keep going” because success isn’t made overnight. 🙂 WRITE ON!

  2. I can feel your energy overflowing the webpage!
    Thanks for making it sound so, ultimately, simple. 🙂
    Keep selling!

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