Lessons from a RoadTrip – Part 1

(day 11 abc)

To spare you all the dirty details, let’s just say that I did a lot of car traveling today, with my three children (two toddlers and an infant), halfway with my husband, the other half with my parents.  I had a lot of time to contemplate the mysteries that is life.  Yeah.  Probably not that deep.  But, I did do some reflection on businessings (totally made that up.  It means that act of running a business), with two focuses.  The one I want to talk about tonight is advertising and what I managed to learn from billboards.  This idea of marketing relates to both authors AND sellers.

  • Where to go.  Quite a few of the advertisements were very specific about what exit to take in order to find their store.  A few even had addresses, and very precise directions.  This is pretty important when it comes to our businesses.  For the author: Where can I find your book?  What store is selling it?  Can I order it online?  For the crafter: What is your web address?  If your store is physical, what’s the address?  How can I order your products online?  People need to know where to go to get what you are selling.
  • Enticement.  A few billboards would lead up to the exit that had the store/product.  5 miles to get a tasty milkshake.  4 miles away from a delicious beverage.  Etc.  This is a GREAT idea for releasing new products.  Build up the anticipation.  Even whet your clients’ appetites with previews and sneak peaks.  Entice them.
  • One product per advertisement.  I noticed that most of these signs were geared towards specific products.  For McDonald’s, it was any size beverage for $1.00.  They didn’t mention the burgers, or the salad, it was just for the drinks.  Even if you have a whole slew of products that you are wanting to sell, advertising one will focus your efforts and still bring the customer.
  • To the point.  Have you ever seen a billboard that had paragraph upon paragraph of words?  Of course not.  It just doesn’t work that way.  *MAYBE* a slogan or even one complete sentence, but not much other than that as far as words are concerned.  Keep it simple and precise.
  • State the obvious.  If it goes without saying…then you need to say it 😛  A few of the billboards that I noticed, I was thinking in my head “well, duh”.  But then, as I got to thinking about it, I realized that maybe while driving on the road, a person would be focused or zoned out so much that he/she wouldn’t realize that she/he were hungry.  Therefore, having an advertisement that says, “you’re hungry, come eat with us” would be a great reminder.
  • Make sure to advertise.  My Dad is the kind of person that wont pull off to an exit unless he knows that what he wants is there.  He will drive for 10 or more miles looking for a Burger King if that’s where he wants to eat, and if he doesn’t see a sign on the interstate, he wont take the exit.
I’m sure that there are plenty of other lessons that I could draw up from these rather successful advertisement methods, but I’ve had a super long day and am totally exhausted and whipped (as my husband would put it).  No pictures tonight also, because…well…It’s late and I’m tired.  Lame excuse, but there you have it.  Two toddlers and an infant don’t necessarily travel very well.  We survived, but it sure has been a long day for this little Mamma 😀

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6 thoughts on “Lessons from a RoadTrip – Part 1

  1. You brave, brave woman! I never took road trips with my kids when they were all young. I would have gone bananas! Mine are now 17, 16, 14, and 12 but you can see that when they were all little, it was close numbers, like yours! How I remember those days!! *nostalgia* WRITE ON!

    1. HAhaha! It was either the 16 hour road trip, or attempting to fly with all three of them by myself. Now THAT would’ve been impossible (not to mention thrice the cost). It’s just what happens when my husband gets a job thousands of miles away from my family 😛 Thanks for the comment.

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