Questions for me to answer

Sony DCR PC100E Video Camera
Sony DCR PC100E Video Camera (Photo credit: MarkBTomlinson)

(day 10 abc)

I’m looking to do a video post, my readers ask the questions (via comments) and I answer them.  I know, stepping outside of my comfort zone here!  It seems that most of my readers right now are writers (thanks to the Author Blog Challenge, which I LOVE!).  I will try to gear my answers towards both writers and craft sellers (i.e. small business owners/managers), and hopefully, I’ll get some interesting questions.  So, leave a comment, ask whatever you’d like.  I will make sure to feature you and your blog/business/website, so it’s like free advertisement on your part!  Even if you are JUST asking what my favorite color is 😀

Oh, and there isn’t a deadline.  Depending on how many people actually answer this might be an ongoing thing…how fun would that be?!

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3 thoughts on “Questions for me to answer

    1. Thank you so much Jo! I LOVE writing, and that’s a very excellent question. You’ll just have to wait a few days to get an answer 😛

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