Want to drive more traffic to your blog?

Rosey Grier at the 16th Annual MovieGuide Fait...
Rosey Grier at the 16th Annual MovieGuide Faith and Values Awards Gala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(day 6 abc)

I read somewhere, how writing about a celebrity and then using that name as the tag drove traffic to a website.  I think that this is a GREAT idea…maybe a little cheaty, but in this super competitive world of selling hand-made crafts don’t we all need a little extra help?

Here are a few blogging ideas that might help you along.

Pick a famous person that does the same craft as you, and talk about them.  Either use them as inspiration, or just to say “hey, this person does this too?!”  And then maybe a short biographical.

Interview that person about the craft.  This one may be a bit more difficult because famous people are virtually impossible to get in touch with (everyone and their big toe is trying to get in touch with them).

Highlight some of the work that they’ve done.  Search on ebay, or just google it.  I’m sure you can find something out there.  Maybe they sell their work and give profits to a charity, maybe they give the product to the charity.  I dunno.

Keep in mind that celebrities are people too.  If you find a celebrity that keeps a blog, perhaps you can find somewhere that they talk about their crafting?  What a great opportunity THAT would be for you.  There are loads of ideas that you could take off from there.

Find a picture of a celeb wearing something similar to what you make and showcase that.  It’s pretty easy to find a celebrity wearing something that’s been crocheted.  What about knitted?  This one would largely depend on what sort of crafts you make.

Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men
Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men (Photo credit: liquidindian)

Let me try an example: Rosey Grier.  Rosey, short for Roosevelt served as a lineman in the NFL for a few years and then went on to publish a book about needlepoint for men.  He revolutionized the crafting frontier to not only include men but to encourage them.  There really isn’t much said about his crafting hobby, except for his book (Rosy Grier’s Needlepoint for Men).  There’s plenty of information about his football career, along with his musical and acting talents.  Man, this guy was a real renaissance man.

There are probably lots that you could do with celebrities and hand-made crafts.  Depending on how artsy you are, you could even create a picture of a celebrity with your craft.  Just a few thoughts.  If you can think of any other ways of using a celebrity to drive traffic to your blog, please, share the wealth!

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