Is having a unique website really all that important anymore?

With facebook pages, and free blogs, one really begins to wonder if having an actual website really matters all that much?  I had a website FIRST, and then I expanded to a facebook page, and then to an etsy shop, and finally to a blog, and you wanna know something?  Not a whole lot of people ever just wonder onto my website like they do my etsy shop.

It gets pretty confusing with all of the requirements that go with having a website.

  • Cost of a domain name
  • Cost of using a Webhost Provider
  • Time to design the site (or cost to pay a professional designer)
  • Updating information/products/registrations
  • One other thing to keep on your mind

There are also a whole bunch of cons, that I have found, to having a specific website.

  • The time factor again
  • Use of precious resources (money, time, energy, etc. etc.)
  • There’s webhosting problems (I have used fatcow to host my iweb site, and I have had numerous issues getting them to work together smoothly).
  • Trying to fit all the pieces together with programs that YOU like (a webhost provider that will work with your designer that will work with your brand that will work with your product).

In July, it will be time to renew my website registrations, and I am not going to do it.  Personally, I LOVE my website.  I’ve spent a lot of time on it, it’s gone through several updates, remodeling, make-overs to get where it is now, and I think it’s just DARLING (you should seriously go check it out before it’s gone,  However, I don’t see any benefits that a website gives me that a blog and/or facebook page and/or twitter account cannot do.  I don’t want to mislead anyone, having an online presence is VERY important in our technology-inspired world today, but as for having an actual website…not worth the trouble.  I also think that having your own domain name is pretty important, it makes for easier navigating, but you can get that without going through all the other loops and hoops (I strongly suggest wordpress, personally, but there are others out there).  Blogging is super important to the small business owner (could be even better for the CRAFTING business), an online shop (you can include links back to your blog)(you don’t have to use the over-crowded Etsy, there are LOADS of other online shopping sites), maybe a facebook page, and if you just really want to go ahead and add a twitter account.

But really, if your selling your hand-made crafts, all you need are two things: an outlet in which to sell (if you have access to a physical store, that’s GREAT) and you also need to include an online presence of some sort so that people can find you through the WORLD WIDE web.  Notice those capital words: **World Wide**.  Online goes so far beyond local, it goes across the state, to the other side of the country, and even over the oceans!  Local is not something to be denied, but world wide can really increase your sales in ways that you could never imagine!

Here is the analytics of my website (

Importance of a website

And here are the analytics of my etsy page (

Importance of a webpage

Don’t forget my facebook (
Importance of online presence
This isn’t the best representation because me and my gang have been down with a stomach bug the past couple of days.  Those little dots at the bottom represent me posting on my page…so…oops.  As you can see, as a result of not posting as often, I’ve not reached as many fans/people.
Small business and online presence

Oh, and what about this blog?  Ok, in all honesty, this blog (and my twitter account) has very little to do with selling my crochet, and more to do with helping others sell their crochet (or other hand-made crafts).  So, the visitor stats and engagement should probably be disregarded altogether.  But I’m gonna include it anyways just for fun 😛

Blogging for business


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