Communiction is the Key – Part 2

Alright, so, you should’ve read part one of “communication is the key” a few days ago that covered on the different things that you should communicate with your potential customers.  So, now that you’ve GOT your customer, what do they need to know about you?  Again, you don’t want to leave them guessing, or ASSuming, and you want to make it as easy for them as possible.  So, let’s discuss what to communicate to your buyer.

Packaging options: Is there a gift wrap available?  Let your customer know how their product is going to be packaged.  They will want to know if their purchase is safe, especially if it’s a breakable item – glass, ceramic, clay, etc.

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...
USPS service delivery truck

Shipping options: Priority, USPS, Next Day, let them know what their choices are.  It’s ok to offer different shipping costs for the different options, or if you don’t want to add to your own confusion and work-load, at least let your customer know how you usually ship.  Do you include tracking, or insurance?

Return policies: Yes, your customers need to know if you accept returns, and your policy concerning refunds.  If they received a wrong size/color/etc they are going to be upset.  Don’t add to the frustration by also making them wait for you to respond.

About the product itself: What’s it made out of, what’s the size?  Any details to really sale it!

Communication (Photo credit: krossbow)

Your contact information: Especially for made-to-order or customizeable products.  If the customer has any questions, or needs to get in touch with you for any reason, they need to know how.  Include an email address, a phone number, an address (if you’re local), especially your name.  I get so frustrated, not to mention feel a bit awkward, trying to converse with someone when I don’t even know their name.  (To whom it may concern:)

These are just a few of the tidbits to consider communicating to your customer.  Once again, I am going to stress that the key is to supply all the information so that nothing is left to assumption or guess work.  It’s all apart of the customer service idea.


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