Holiday-Friendly business

Selling holidays

My darling mother has recently set up her own Etsy Shop (which you should definitely go check out), and she’s getting a bit impatient with making her first sale.  I suggested that she try to market something for the upcoming holiday (in this case, Mother’s Day).  After some discussion, we both realized that neither one of us really have anything to offer for Mothers.  Depending on what sort of product(s) you offer, marketing to the next holiday can really give your business a boost.  Just keep in mind that some months are stocked full of holidays, and August has no holidays.  It might get a bit tiring selling for holiday after holiday, so maybe focus on a few really big ones (Christmas is a definite given here), and some small ones here and there (national days might also be sort of fun, like national “talk like a pirate” day).

To prepare for this kind of marketing/selling, though, you’ve really got to be on top of your game.  It takes a bit of researching and thinking ahead of time.  Here are a few things you might want to consider when preparing for any holiday.

holiday businessThe first thing to keep in mind is: Time works against you.  Have you ever noticed that the stores put things up for Valentine’s day when December is just finishing?  Especially if you have an online business:  It’ll take time for things to show up on search engines, postal services take time, made-to-order items are going to take time.  Time is definitely not your friend here.

Have a target customer.  Realize that holidays are excuses for gifts, so instead of thinking about what a specific person would want, think about what a specific person would want to give (i.e. not what a child would want, but what a parent would want to give to the child.  You are targeting the parents but your item is for children).

Consider after holiday sales.  I LOVE a good after holiday sale.  It can clear out your inventory to create space.  With careful planning you can still make a profit (just not as much), and getting your product out to the public can increase repertoire which can also increase customers and return customers for sure.

Create holiday neutral items.  Sometimes, a Christmas item can also sell as a Valentine’s item (red and white) or St. Patrick’s Day item (green and white).  Try to get creative, your customers would probably really like something they can continue using for other holidays as well.  An important thing to keep in mind with this one: change your tags.  Even if the product can be used for Christmas and St. Patrick’s day, if you don’t include those in the tags/description/title, your customers might not realize it.

There is a national holiday in every single month except for August.  They aren’t all big gift-giving holidays (like Christmas), but with some careful managing, you can still get a slight boost of sales for these holidays as well.

Do you have any hints, tips, suggestions, or personal experiences when it comes to marketing for a specific holiday?  We’d love to hear about it!


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