Take some time off of selling.

Your in the grove.  You’ve got a steady supply of orders, and you are rising to meet those demands.  You love your craft, you love making these things for other people, and life is just peachy.  For whatever reason, you start to lose your motivation and your inspiration.  Those monogrammed onesies are all starting to look the same and it’s making you bored.

Take a break.  Take one afternoon, or even just a couple of hours, and create something for you.  Or even make new products to sell.  Change it up a bit.  Do a bit of home-improvement instead of sewing.  Maybe just sit and mindlessly watch television.  Doesn’t matter, just give your brain a break.

If you love your craft just as much as I enjoy to crochet, then you will miss the work.  But, also, the break will allow for your mind to clear, and for your zeal to build-up again.  People in the “real world” get days off all the time, so allow yourself that.  It’s all to easy to make your crafting 24/7, whether you are creating, or thinking, or computing, or marketing, or brainstorming.  It can definitely take a toll on all of your grey matter.

There are several benefits that can come with this break.  Don’t get too swamped that you forget to take care of yourself.  Relax, replenish, and then come back ready to stick your nose to the grindstone and sell like a mad-person!


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