Super Saturday Selections – Personalization

One product that is super popular right now, and isn’t likely to get outdated or out of popularity is ANYTHING that is personalized.  There are a whole slew of products, once you slap a name, date, staying onto it, is instantly liked, shared, and bought.  There’s just something about having a personal identity related to a product that makes it unique and loved.  This week, on Super Saturday Selections, I’ll be highlighting several products that are customizable with any sort of personalization.

Name necklace with little heart pendant. PRECIOUS!

Since Mother’s day is fast approaching, let’s start off with this super precious necklace from byHannahDesign.  It’s hand-stamped on sterling silver and has an adorably precious heart pendant.  Would be really great for ANY mother.

CanoDesigns sells the adorable vinyl wall decals that are just perfect for customizing and personalizing any space.

PolishedProductions made this precious picture frame for a new little child.  Absolutely perfect for commemorating that momentous day.

These customized diaper bags from EmbroideryBeauty are just perfect gifts for the new mother, mother-to-be, or even for yourself.

Here is a personalized notebook from KarleighJae that I think would be perfect for journaling about anything (wedding planning, vacation planning, preparing for a new baby, baby’s first year), these would also make for great guest registries for weddings, bridal or baby showers, or even guest books for cabins or beach houses.

There are a lot of different options that you can consider when looking for a personalized product, and if you are selling your hand-made crafts, it might be smart to seriously consider adding a customizing option.  People LOVE any product with a name on it.

Here are some crochet hats that I offer with personalizing customization.



2 thoughts on “Super Saturday Selections – Personalization

  1. These are so beautiful. Thank you for reminding us of Mother’s Day and the ways we can celebrate the women who raised us.

    1. Linda, I’m sort of hoping that my husband will read this and take a hint (haha!) Because I know that I would LOVE a necklace like the one I have pictured with my children’s name on it.

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