Organization – it’s important for any business, but especially a crafting one!

In the crafting realm, it’s quite common to dabble in several different crafts: Scrap booking, knitting/crochet, painting, jewelry making, sewing, are just a few that I, personally, have dived into a bit.  But, you need to be organized and have a place for everything.  I’m going to be using myself as an example, so stick with me for a bit.

Doesn't look like much of a table does it?

Skeins and balls of yarn cover my table.  A small box holds all of my sewing equipment.  On the book shelf somewhere is a stack of scrap booking paper.  I have a bag full of feathers and embroidery thread.  Another bag with my stencils and stamps.  The mailing envelopes are also on the bookshelf.  A small cardboard box contains the scrap yarn – I swear it has a purpose, and an idea for usage somewhere in my head.  Current crochet projects are thrown on the bar in my kitchen/living area, just waiting to be finished.  Crochet hooks are thrown on top of the yarn pile.  I have some elastic hiding somewhere in my scrap yarn box.  My paint is thrown into a very pretty box, which is somewhere beneath my “waiting to be cataloged” pile of finished crochet products.

You can't figure out what's what either can you?

Then, we turn to my computer and the digital world.  I have 9+ fast-links on my web browser, a catrillion images on my desktop that haven’t found a home yet.  On a regular basis, I will have 5 or more tabs opened on my web browser.  Since starting the ultimate blog challenge, I have at least a dozen word documents opened that I work on here and there.  My business is a disorganized mess!  I could also talk about the disorganization of my personal life, but it’s not nearly as chaotic (with three children, we wouldn’t function).

What I described above is VERY personal, and I can say from experience:  It doesn’t work.  There are times when I can’t find a specific yarn color for a special crochet order.  I’ve often lost a crochet hook (or three), and especially my little canvass needles.  Getting crochet orders confused or lost is a nightmare for me, so it hasn’t happened…YET.  Trying to find a specific picture on my computer to post a new listing is very difficult and sometimes I end up taking the pictures again.

My box of scrap yarns, also has my hooks, a few crocheted flowers, my daughter's newborn hat, a can for a completely un-yarn-related project...

It is very important to be organized.  A lesson that I am definitely still learning and working on (I guess that’s what defines a work-in-progress).  But, especially for small crafting businesses, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and over-run with ideas, ongoing projects, materials, not to mention the paper work and blogging.  Especially if you do ready-to-ship products and need to keep track of your inventory.  In the future, I’m hoping that I can reclaim all of my yarn and products, because it is becoming a bit overwhelming for me.

HERE is a great website with a pretty cool idea for organizing crafts, I might have to implement it.  Just gotta find the space to do it, haha!

Another SITE for some creative and *pretty* ideas.  This one written by a fellow Etsy seller!

How do you manage to keep things organized and in order?  Any of you out there have any tips that I could use?


4 thoughts on “Organization – it’s important for any business, but especially a crafting one!

  1. LOL !! I’d say you’ve got your hands very, very, very full with everything you’re trying to do ! I have two big totes in a room, and I have all my crochet/knitting projects in separate ziploc bags in it, so I can just choose and pick it up and go. When my son grew out of his clothes closet/cupboard, I took over it and stashed the yarn in it (there’s other yarn in boxes everywhere else around the house!) I don’t have a table yet for all my crafts, but I imagine that it would look like yours in the picture too! lol As for patterns and other documents, I download and have it all in a folder, or websites on a bookmark. I only have the ones that I’m working on open on the desktop. Good luck!

    1. I always try to finish projects as I start them, so there aren’t a whole lot of ongoing projects at one time to leave me overwhelmed. I definitely keep all of my patterns in a folder so that they are all in one place haha! Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle it all this weekend and get the chaos in order because it’s driving me a bit insane right now 😀

  2. that pic is very similar to the order of my craft stuff needless to say i will not be making my beading hobby into a business lol

    1. Keeping it just a hobby huh? That’s ok, so long as you can find what you need when you need it. I think organized chaos works for personal useage better than professional businesses.

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