Don’t give up, there is a light down there somewhere!

Just recently I was feeling very discouraged.  To help you better understand where I was at, let me explain from the beginning (hang with me, I’ll try to be short).

My husband is an evangelist, there isn’t much money to be seen in his line of work.  I stay home to take care of our three amazing children (it actually does save us money, because if I worked, it would be to pay for the child-care…pointless).  We are both really young, and therefore have a TON of student loans. (See, that wasn’t so long after all)

After YEARS of research (and a few online classes), I finally found something that I can do, that wont interrupt taking care of the kids, that can help financially: selling my crochet goods.  I make about $100 a month, not a whole lot, but I just started in October, and it’s growing a lot faster than I would’ve expected.  Not full-time work, but a nice little supplement to my husband’s income.

However, once you are in the red it is HARD to get out.  Past couple of months have been really challenging financially.  Our bank account has gone into the negative, and I feel like the money I work so hard to make is going into a hole and amounting to nothing.  We have to scrape around to afford yarn so that I can crochet, and even to mail my packages out.  It seemed that all of my hard work was being eaten by those bright red numbers.  My husband would assure me that it was helping, even if it didn’t seem like it: I was slowly (excruciatingly slowly) getting us out of the red.

There have been times where I have sat down and just cried because I have been putting SO MUCH time, energy, resources into my little crochet business.  I’ve neglected housework, and at times, have felt like I was neglecting my children (although, I really wasn’t.  They are fed, cleaned, and taken care of as needed) in order to pursue those few extra dollars.  I considered selling my products at half off to local customers who could come pick up their products.  I thought about coupons, give-a-ways, anything that could serve as incentives for more people to buy.

I’m not money-hungry by any stretch of the imagination, but without money, it is extremely difficult to get by in the world.  FINALLY, it seems that we are out of the red and actually thriving!  It’s really hard to believe that after so many years (almost 4), there is a light, down there somewhere.  It’s a VERY faint light, but I can see it all the same.  Student loans are getting paid off, and those bright red numbers are all-but-gone glowing a comforting Black.

Now, I can continue crafting my crochet products for the enjoyment that I get out of it.  I’ll still be putting in the time, research, energy, resources, but not at such the frantic “we need this sale!”  If I keep in mind that my work is a Supplement to my husband’s income, and, right now, isn’t intended to be a full-time job (with three kids, I don’t think I could handle that), then my focus is in the right place.

If you are struggling with selling your craft, or even getting started with the idea, let me know about it, maybe I can help you see the faint light that is down there somewhere.  If you have overcome the struggles of starting, let us know about it, maybe it can offer encouragement to those that are currently struggling.


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