Why a crafter would want to blog.

There are several reasons why any one person would want to blog about any one particular idea.  You have personal bloggers galore, who talk about raising children, enhancing marriages, cooking, gaming, electronics, hairstyles, skin care, or any other topic that you could possibly think about that you could encounter in any given day.  However, there are also business-related blogs, which is what I am going to be focusing on.

I have a small crochet-style business, where I try to sell my hand-made crochet goods.  Right now, my focus is hats/beanies, and newborn photography props, but I am constantly working up new products with hopes of expanding my business beyond just these two ideas.  There are a lot of different reasons to blog, but here are a just a few reasons why a crafter would want to blog.

1. Let your customer’s know about you.  It’s all about branding, adding your personal image and creative touch to your product and your business name.

2. Build public relations.  Blogging gives your buyers an easy format to contact you about whatever they want to know about.  Maybe they have questions, maybe they’d like to make a special request, or maybe they just want to know more about your personal standards.

3. Release “sneak previews” of your products.  Keep your “fans” intrigued.  Show them color swatches, pattern outlines, or a little preview into what new products are coming soon.  It will create an air of anticipation and thrill that will lead to excitement about your new products.

4. Show the care and attention you put into your products.  Let your potential buyer know what sets you aside.  What makes your product different than what you could find at wal-mart or target?  How is your “apparently” over priced necklace better than what could be found elsewhere?  Blog about it, let people know.

5. Get your name and your business out there.  If you have a shop on etsy, or even on facebook, you might get overwhelmed by the competition.  Blogging can set you apart from everyone else, and can also get your name out to more people.

These are just a FEW of the reasons that I could think of from the top of my head of why any crafter, looking to sell that craft, would want to blog.  I did have a blog going off of my website, but after having several issues with subscribing and other technical issues, I came over here!  Still, I encourage you to check out my website and let me know what you think.

What are some reasons, that you can think of, to blog?  As someone who is selling their hand-made goods, or even someone who is looking into possibly, maybe, someday, selling their hand-made gods, what would be a perk, or an advantage, of blogging about it?


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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