Reading List for those wanting to sell their crafts

Just like there are a ton of resources online about selling your crafts, there are quite a few hard-copies (and e-copies) available as well.  I have not ready any of these books, so I cannot speak on a personal level, but from the reviews they seem like good ideas.  I will definitely be considering some of these for the future, and would also LOVE any input that any of you might have on these books.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Selling Your Craft

This straightforward book walks you through the process of preparing your goods for sale, pricing and bookkeeping, finding venues, marketing and promoting your products, and working with customers both online and off — all without quitting your day job. Clear, concise instructions explain everything you need to know to sell crafts effectively in your spare time, and help you decide whether to take selling to the next level.

Learn how to:

*Find out whether you –and your crafts — are ready to start selling.

*Set prices to cover your costs and make a profit.

*Establish a bookkeeping system.

*Manage dual inventories of parts and finished goods.

*Discover the best places to sell your crafts in person or on the Internet.

*Identify the right people to market to.

*Accept credit cards and process other forms of payment.

*Start selling wholesale.

*Stay out of tax and legal trouble.

*And more helpful tips

Stop being intimidated by complex business jargon, and stop procrastinating. Let The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Selling Your Crafts help you share your handmade goods with the world.

Crafts and Craft Shows: How to Make Money

Craftspeople and hobbyists will welcome this new edition of a popular book. Comprehensive and indispensable, Crafts and Crafts Shows gives advice on everything needed to succeed in the craft-show marketplace. Easy-to-follow instructions make it a snap to select the best shows to attend, create an appealing booth, and offer good customer service. Each chapter in the top-selling guidebook has been completely updated to reflect recent changes in the craft world and the book includes new information on branding, creating products that can compete in today’s marketplace, selling on the Internet, and taking promotional photos, as well as creating new marketing strategies for pricing and moving merchandise.

• Easy to read, full of practical wisdom and entertaining stories

• Up-to-the-minute information on internet marketing and branding

  1. •Proven advice—14,000 copies of the first edition sold!

Sell Your Crafts Online

“Sell Your Crafts Online” provides a roadmap to the best Internet places for makers of handmade crafts to sell and promote from. Discover over 500 online marketing ideas.

Get ways to inspire trust on your site pages so more shoppers buy. Learn how to boost your craft site’s search engine traffic with 24 top Search Engine Optimization tips. Are your crafts for sale on Etsy and eBay but lost in the crowd? Find more than 80 other places to sell handmade crafts from. And learn where to sell your crafts to stores online from 10 wholesale sites.

Promote your indie designed art and crafts from more than 40 online communities. Get reviews of your craft products on 51 shopping community and blog sites that seek unique products to write about. Syndicate your handmade crafts images, blogs, videos, and articles from 36 networks and discover 16 ideas for getting free publicity in magazines and on TV.

Thought about starting your own t-shirt business? “Sell Crafts Online” reveals 16 sites like Cafepress that let you sell your art and designs via on-demand products like t-shirts, mugs, caps and hundreds of other products.

Save yourself weeks of research. Get ahead by accessing undiscovered but popular places for selling crafts online from.

Author and craft artist, James Dillehay has written nine books and operates more than fifty Web sites. “James was a guest speaker on our Guerrilla Marketing conference call and he blew me away with what he knows about selling on the Internet,” said Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series, over 15 million copies sold.

“Sell Crafts Online” is a completely updated edition of Dillehay’s book “The Basic Guide to Selling Crafts on the Internet,” of which Lapidary Journal said “An astonishing amount of usable information, crammed into so few pages! James Dillehay has an amazing talent for getting right to the point, with a minimum of “geekese.” Of the entire list of computer instructional manuals I have read, this one would top the list. I would not hesitate to recommend it . . . even to my mom.”

How to Make Money Using Etsy: A Guide To the Online Marketplace for Crafts and Handmade Products

In a world where most products are manufactured by machines, Etsy offers an online platform for makers of handmade products and crafts to market and sell their goods to a vast network of buyers who demand unique, genuine products. To date, the site has attracted over 400,000 sellers who collectively have sold over 30 million items, generating more than $180.6 million in revenue. The only resource of its kind, How to Make Money Using Etsy–written by Tim Adam who has successfully been selling his products all over the world through his Etsy shop since 2007–guides readers step-by-step through the many stages of selling online. How-to topics include:

  1. •Establish your Etsy shop
  2. •Effectively photograph your products
  3. •Post your products to optimize visibility and increase sales
  4. •Brand your business
  5. •Use social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with buyers and grow your business

Craft, Inc. Revised Edition: The Ultimate Guide in Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business

The growing legions of crafters looking to turn their hobby into a profession can rely on the tried and true advice in Craft, Inc. In this completely revised edition of the definitive crafter s business book, entrepreneur Meg Mateo Ilasco offers expanded and authoritative guidance on everything from developing products and sourcing materials to writing a business plan and paying taxes. With all-new sections on opening an online shop, using social media strategically, and more along with updated interviews from such craft luminaries as Jonathan Adler and Jill Bliss this comprehensive primer features the most current information on starting and running a successful creative business.

The Craft Business Handbook – The Essential Guide to Making Money from Your Crafts and Handmade Products

Wish you could turn your talent for making lovely things into cash? Bored of the 9 to 5 and dreaming of starting your own crafty business, but not sure where to start? Then this is the book for you !

The Craft Business Handbook has ALL the information you need to get started making money from your crafts – NOW !

From setting up as a proper business, producing and pricing your goods for maximum sales and profit, to the various options for selling online, at craft fairs, trade shows and getting your products into retailers, right through to gaining magazine coverage, promoting your business online and managing your business as it grows, this is THE essential guide for any would-be crafty entrepreneur!

Whether you’re just considering getting started with a crafty business idea, or already selling your wares and looking for ways to grow your business ( think sales reps, fulfillment houses and more!), this handy book – written by craft business expert Alison McNicol – shares tons of insider tips, practical information, and shows how you too can achieve Craft Business success!

PLUS – some of the most successful crafty business people around share their stories – how they started and grew their successful craft businesses – prepare to be inspired with in-depth interviews from some of your favorite crafty entrepreneurs around!


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