Super Saturday Selections – Packaging

Why does the way you package your product really make a difference?  I’ve done LOTS of research and have heard/read that a lot of people think “so long as my product gets to the buyer without being damaged, who cares how it’s packaged?”  Putting forth that little extra effort to produce outstanding packaging can really set your little crafting business apart from others.  You genuinely *CARE* about the display of your product.  Not only does it matter what your craft looks like in the store/pictures, but throughout the shipping process, and even after it gets to the buyer.  It’s just one more *wow* factor that can keep your customers coming back to you.

A common packaging method is wrapping your craft in tissue paper.  This adds a bit of color and comfort to your product.

PerfectPoms has a ton of choices that you can pick from.

Maybe you’d like some ribbon to tie your product up.  Like with linens, or even after you wrap it in tissue paper, a bit of ribbon around it will give your delivered craft that “finished” look.  HairbowSupplies and RaesRags both have some beautiful stock to choose from.






Or, if you don’t like the idea of ribbon, perhaps some decorative stickers to close things up and add that “completion” factor to your packaging.  PoshGirlBoutique has some really beautiful and customizable options for stickers.  You can even get some return address label stickers in unique shapes.






Personally, I LOVE the idea of using Washi tape.  I just recently discovered it and completely fell in love!  There are so many adorable options that you can choose from.  DobleEle has some perfect choices that would probably go with ANY business style.  Paired with some plain brown kraft paper, this would be totally chic!

Now that we have our basic packaging requirements taken care of, what about labeling?  Almost every craft that I can think of could use a bit of labeling on it: jewelry, clothing, crochet, accessories of any kind, even suppliers could label their products.  KrazyKateDesigns has some supper cute tie-on blank labels that would be perfect!  Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more highclass, PixelByPixel offers customizeable earring cards, hairbow cards, Jewelry display cards, tags, stickers and a whole slew of other useful products (definitely worth your time in checking out).

Before you shrug off this entire blog post as a waste of your time because “Who really cares so long as the product gets to the consumer in one piece without being damaged?”  Look at the following pictures.

Which seem more appealing to you?  Would you be more excited to open the ones at the top as opposed to the ones on the bottom?  Your packaging doesn’t have to be super expensive (be reasonable, the cost of packaging products can be included in your shipping).  A little extra effort can take your business to a whole new level.  Have a bit of fun with it!

What sort of packaging do you use?  Or even if you have a creative idea but haven’t implemented it yet, please share, we can all get inspired (not copy) from each other!  Maybe someone else would have an idea to make your idea cheaper and more do-able.


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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