Breakdown of My day

I have had a lot of people, when they find out I have 3 children aged 2.5, 1.5 and 3 months, tell me that I must be one busy person, or that I’ve really got my hands full.  I assure you, I most certainly do have my hands full (at least once during a typical day, I have a mini melt-down of “I can’t handle this!”).  However, I am not only busy with my children, but with this little crochet-based business, AND this blog.  Where do I find the time?  Let me break down my day.

5:30-7:00 AM.  Little Ladybug wakes up SCREAMING to be fed.  She’s gone all night, and she’s starving.  My husband usually gets her and brings her into bed with us.  She nurses, falls back to sleep, and I am left wide awake.  I trundle out of bed and do computer research.  Researching new ideas, blogging, checking up on facebook, emails, etc.

7:30-8:00 AM.  The older two, Bumblebee and Grasshopper sneakily tiptoe out of their room.  They both always greet me with a smile and a good morning.  I fix them breakfast (I eat their left-overs) and change their diapers.

Around 8:30 AM.  The three of us go into the master bedroom, they climb into bed with Beetle the husband waking up him and the Ladybug, I get dressed and straighten up a bit.  Beetle gets up, gets dressed, eats breakfast.  Ladybug gets her diaper changed.

9:00 AM Beetle is out the door headed to the office, I am left stranded at the house (the joys of a one-vehicle family).  Bumblebee goes down for her morning nap (she NEEDS her sleep), Ladybug goes down for her morning nap, and I get one-on-one time with Grasshopper.

10:00-11:30 AM I wake Bumblebee up, we do some toddler activity which depends on how creative and venturesome I am feeling, Ladybug wakes up, eats, and chills in her bumbo or vibrating seat (our swing broke down shortly after she was born…lovely timing right?).

12:00 is noon and therefore lunch.  Usually Beetle comes home for lunch.  I again eat the children’s left-overs for my lunch.  Directly after lunch is nap times for all three children.

The next 3-4 hours are mine to do whatever I want with.  I can exercise, I can blog, I can clean, I can sleep, ANYTHING at all.  Usually, I crochet.  This is the time of day that I get the most done.  I also eat a snack during this time (kids’ left overs is not enough to sustain me).

3:30-5:00 PM All three children wake up, eat a small snack (yes, I eat again), and free-form play while I clean up and start on dinner.  Beetle comes home and plays with the children.

5:30-7:00 PM we eat dinner.  Play outside for a bit.  Get baths.  Start winding down either by singing, reading, or watching something kid-oriented (like Phineas and Ferb, which is my son’s favorite!).

All three children are in bed for the night before 8:00 PM, and the rest of the night I can, again, do anything that I want.  Sometimes Beetle and I watch TV together (I crochet or blog while we are watching something).  Sometimes, he plays video games and I crochet (or blog).  Occasionally, I have a melt-down and he patiently listens and comforts (Seriously, you wanna try raising three children, running a crochet business, stay on top of a blog, maintain your house, and NOT have a meltdown?  The melt-downs actually serve to keep me sane most of the time).

10:00-11:30 PM We go to bed and start it all over again.

For the most part, I love my life.  It’s pretty much an organized chaos.  The kids keep me entertained, stress me out, and we manage some sort of sanity during it all.  Obviously, there are days when I have to get out of the house, in which case I will drop Beetle off at the office, do my errands, grocery shopping etc.  Usually, he runs my orders to the post office before or after he goes to the office.  Occasionally, I will walk the kids over to the elementary school’s playground, it’s only about 4 blocks down the road, so not bad at all!  We survive, and I get called super Mom…yeah, it’s a pretty winning situation there 🙂

I’d love to hear how you manage your time, or if you have any suggestions for ME to be more efficient!



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