Super Saturday Selections – Etsy Finds

If you REALLY want to sell your hand-made crafts but are having a bit of trouble deciding WHAT to sell, maybe you can get some inspiration from these people.  Beautiful, unique, and just plain weird, each of these shops seem to be very successful in their sales, so maybe take down some notes, ask them some questions, or just admire their gusto!


Three Itty Bitty Terariums sold by TortoiseLovesDonkey who has had over 3500 sales since July of 2009!


BookMarkYourPage has sold over a hundred of these AMAZING foot/leg bookmarks since November of 2011!


YourUniqueScrapBook has had 15 sales since she opened just two months ago!  She makes some really GORGEOUS journals and sationary.


If your looking for some very unique and artistic metal-worked products, I reccomend checking out TheRavenIron.  They have had 503 sales since September of 2008


Aerosmith Recycled Record Bowl by RecordsAndStuff who has had 1600 sales since September 2010.


HighTeaWithAliceJoyc has sold over 500 of her scrumptious-looking recipes since May of 2011.


JujusTutus sells these GORGEOUS Sweet Sophistications Flower Girl Dresses, along with other tutus.  They have made 600 sales since July of 2009.


If your looking for something unique as far as practical jokes, gag gifts, or just for fun, why not try this genuine Fossil Dung by daRockManShop who has made 7 sales since the beginning of this year!


For the vampire enthusiast, DoThyBidding will sell you a Complete Vampire Slaying Hunter Kit.  They just opened earlier this month and haven’t made any sells yet.


ReginaGreenway sells these darling little hobbit and fairy decoratives.  Here I have the hobbit house (which also seres as an incense burner), and an adorable little hobbit door.


You can even find something for the taxidermist or science school room decor.  Boomer2563 has sold almost 200 animal parts, bones, and objects carved from bones since May of 2011.




As you can tell from this week’s Super Saturday Selections, all sorts of things are sold through the crafting venues.  If you can make it, I can almost guarantee that it can be sold.  Do you have a favorite shop out there or have found something super unique that you’d like to share?


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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